Club History

Paul Heinmiller Memorial Trophy

Every year at the annual Porsche Parade, a trophy is given to the region having the best overall newsletter in PCA. The trophy is called the Paul Heinmiller Memorial Trophy. Named after HCR's own Paul Heinmiller, who passed away several years ago, the trophy represents the highest achievement in newsletters of any automobile club in the world. In 1980, Hudson Champlain won that trophy with Jim Tompkins as Editor and Judy Boles as Co-Editor.

Ferry Porsche Trophy

In 1982 the Region received the Ferry Porsche Trophy, a trophy that is given to the outstanding region in PCA and is often referred to as the Region of the Year Award. It is based on growth, general improvement and maintenance of high standards in activities, meetings, newsletters and adherence to, of the furtherance of, the objectives and ideals of the Porsche Club of America. We won that trophy during our 25 Anniversary Celebration. Today we strive to maintain high standards in activities, and meetings. We will continue to improve the Air-Cooled Advertiser and this web site to present articles of interest to you, our members. This club wouldn't be the success it is without its membership. The Board of Directors will continue to plan exciting events to be held in the future. We need your help, become active and involved in your Region!

Club Charter

On June 15, 1959 a petition for charter was presented to Mr. Earl Kirschbaum, PCA National President for the purpose of making Hudson Champlain a Chartered Region of the Porsche Club of America. The petition requested that the eight counties in New York, one in Vermont, and one in Massachusetts be chartered as the Hudson Champlain Region. The petition was sighed by the officers: Arthur H. Frederick, President, Dr. Frederick H Hesser, Vice President, Lawrence J. Riley III, Secretary-Treasurer, and by the charter members: Paul Gelber, William S. Mabey, William L. Graves, Jr. James Mason, Donald A. Barvoets, Arthur Powers, and William Clarke. Other early members were: William McGraw, Robert Fertig, Jack Paul, Frederick Bradley, Maskell Ewing, Donald McComb, Louis C. Roess and Paul Heinmiller. Our Region Charter was granted on July 27, 1959.

Panorama Magazine Formed

One of Hudson Champlain's first members went on to achieve a great deal of success in National PCA. His name was Paul Heinmiller. Paul was the editor of Porsche Panorama for a number of years during which PCA's National Publication claimed Hudson Champlain Region as its home. Under Paul's leadership, Panorama was transformed from what was essentially a newsletter into what is now regarded as the finest publication of its kind in the world. Paul also held the offices of PC National Vice President, PCA National Executive Vice President, and was also nominated for PCA National President, a post he declined as it would have meant leaving his job as Panorama Editor.